Monday, September 20, 2010

Ho Hum - I'm so over Cleaning

Well, it's only Monday and I can't wait for the weekend. I'm absolutely over the 'spring cleaning' thing already. I've spent the whole day sorting, cleaning and supposedly chucking out the hoards of old things my darling boys like to hold on to - just in case. I'm definitely not a hoarder or procrastinator, which unfortunately both my boys are very talented in. Everything I wanted to dispose of was intercepted by Nicholas - talk about frustrating.

My little babies - Jai and Rocko - have been feeling the cold the past few nights. They have been more than happy to curl up and go to sleep on my bed - and being extremely successful in taking up almost the whole bed. Jeremy, my oldest son, has been away since Friday so I've had Bob, Jai's brother, sleeping on my bed too - yay - less room for me. He must be used to having a small amount of room as he sleeps in the cutest tightest little ball. Jeremy has him well-trained.

I've been desperately trying to upload one of my layouts to enter a competition but I somehow got the size of the photo to be over 3000 KB, which I'm guessing was far too big as it wouldn't work. My dear friend, Carol, fixed it for me, which I'm so grateful for, so I was able to enter the competition. I don't know what I'd do without her. She has the patience of a saint - she certainly needed it tonight as I had absolutely no idea how I managed to get the photo so big. - Thank you so much Carol :)

Well, I'm off to Megan's Retreat this weekend which I'm really looking forward to. I'm notorious for not really achieving much when I go to retreats, but I'm hoping this time it will be different. I'm at least going to try and be a little bit more organised than I have in the past, so that might give me a heads up.

Well, I've no more news to share. I'll let you know how much I achieve at the Retreat this weekend.

Bye for now :)